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Bruxism: It’s a Grind

Teeth grinding is a large, and very common, problem. I notice it in a lot of my patients. Most people don’t consciously grind their teeth. We seem to do it while we are sleeping, driving, or working out. The word we use for this is bruxism. I’d like to spend a little bit of time … Continue reading Bruxism: It’s a Grind

Canker Sores Are a Pain!

Have you ever been surprised by how much a tiny little paper cut can hurt? Don’t you hate those? It’s amazing how small annoyances can stop you in your tracks. Canker sores can feel the same way, but they seem to last a lot longer than paper cuts. So, where do canker sores come from? … Continue reading Canker Sores Are a Pain!

The Truth about Root Canals

Root canals get a pretty bad rap. In fact, root canals might be one of the most dreaded dental procedures. Most people, when questioned, equate the pain of a root canal to the pain associated with childbirth. But, is this really true? And what exactly does a root canal procedure entail? I think if I … Continue reading The Truth about Root Canals

The Five Causes of Bad Breath

Whether it’s morning breath, coffee breath, or wine breath, it’s bad breath and it’s pretty gross. But, halitosis is also a very common problem, and we are all guilty of inflicting it upon our coworkers or spouses at one time or another. Let’s talk about what causes halitosis so that we can get rid of … Continue reading The Five Causes of Bad Breath

The Best Brush for You

Standing in the toothbrush aisle at the local drug store can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are picking out new toothbrushes for your children or for yourself, it’s hard to know if you are making the healthiest choice. Is an electric toothbrush really better than a plain old toothbrush? It seems like four out … Continue reading The Best Brush for You

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day has only been an official federal holiday since Nixon signed it into existence in 1972. Mother’s Day has been around since 1914—101 years ago, when President Woodrow Wilson approved the resolution making the second Sunday in May a nationally recognized holiday. According to, men originally “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Foods That Protect Your Smile

Let’s talk about the hardest-working surface on your whole body: your tooth enamel. This thin, hard surface protects the softer dentin at the cores of your teeth from decay and cavities. Your enamel keeps your teeth looking white. Let’s talk about how to keep your enamel strong and healthy. Say Cheese! If your tooth enamel … Continue reading Foods That Protect Your Smile