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Summertime Treats & Eats

Summer is full of great family activities. Everyone enjoys a good barbecue, camping trip, or pool party. But when we’re in those festive situations, sometimes sugar sneaks up on us. It only seems natural to enjoy a soda or a lemonade at a friendly barbecue. And that’s going to happen sometimes, especially when we’re at … Continue reading Summertime Treats & Eats

Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup Syndrome

Back in April, I asked a simple question. It’s getting hot– what are you drinking? When it gets hot, we often turn to lemonade, sports drinks, fruit juice, and soda to quench our thirst. But those drinks contain much more sugar than we think they do. Our young children aren’t immune to the summer heat, … Continue reading Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup Syndrome

I Have a Hero, I Call Him Dad!

Father’s Day is approaching quickly. What do you have planned? Like mothers, most fathers are pretty easy to please on their designated holiday. As long as we show care, put some thought into it, and take their likes and dislikes into account, they appreciate whatever we do for them. In this short post, we’ll share … Continue reading I Have a Hero, I Call Him Dad!

Why Your Bite is Important

Many people get braces at a young age to correct their bite. But if you never had braces and your bite still feels a bit “off,” it’s worth looking into. If you have a balanced bite, your upper and lower teeth should come in contact at the same time, and your facial muscles should be … Continue reading Why Your Bite is Important

Treating Gum Disease: Stroke & Heart Attack Prevention

Did you know, gum disease is sometimes linked to stroke and heart attack? When I tell my patients about these sometimes-unknown risks of gum disease, they’re often surprised. But the research confirms there’s a solid like between oral health and cardiovascular health. According to the CDC, heart disease accounts for one in four American deaths. … Continue reading Treating Gum Disease: Stroke & Heart Attack Prevention

Summer Fun and Dental Injuries

Summer is the time for many fun outdoor activities, for children and adults alike. With all the renewed opportunities for swimming, biking, and outdoor team sports, though, comes added risk. The outdoor activities vacationing families enjoy are accompanied by some dental risks, as well. From DentistryIQ: “Injuries are not the only cause of summer dental … Continue reading Summer Fun and Dental Injuries